Audio Networking Mastered (Jan 20)

Audio Networking Mastered (Jan 20)
Date January 20th 2016
Venue Shure Distribution UK, Waltham Abbey, UK

Shure Audio Institute UK is introducing an Audio Networking Mastered seminar at its headquarters in Waltham Abbey on January 20th. Click here to register. The seminar runs again on April 20th at Manchester United Football Club, Manchester, UK.

Audio Networking Mastered is aimed at AV integrators and audio engineers who want to gain a better understanding of the IT networking standards commonly used in today’s audio transport protocols. Created to provide an overview of the latest developments in audio networking technology, Audio Networking Mastered is also applicable to AV project managers and sales personnel.

The seminar will explore the path from point-to-point digital audio transport through to modern converged networks, and the future interoperability offered by standards such as AES67. This is in addition to information on network hardware, IP addressing and subnets, network topologies, setup and troubleshooting.

The launch of Audio Networking Mastered coincides with the recent rebranding of Shure’s network of educational programmes to the newly named Shure Audio Institute. Due to the success of Shure Academy European Audio Network initiative, a series of training programs are now offered by all of Shure’s global business units.

Audio Networking Mastered extends Shure UK’s programme of educational events, held regularly throughout the year and include the Wireless and Wired Mastered seminars and QSC Q-Sys training. A full list of seminars and dates can be viewed on the Audio Institute website here.

Shure Applications Engineer Tom Colman Comments: “In both live events and AV integration, there is an increasing requirement to transport audio digitally across a network. These networks can range from simple point-to-point connections to larger networks spanning several locations. Audio Networking Mastered will give attendees an understanding of how the components of an audio network communicate with each other, and will provide information on the latest audio transport protocols.” Audio Networking Mastered Synopsis: Audio Networking Mastered provides AV technicians and audio engineers with a better understanding of the IT networking standards commonly used in today’s audio transport protocols.

Date: Wednesday 20th January 2016 Time: 10:00 – 15.30 Location: Shure Distribution UK, Waltham Abbey, Essex, UK EN9 1AS Registration: