Venue hopes to change the way audiences pay per view

Ostmodern/Paywizard Venue
Neal Romanek
September 12th 2017 at 1:40PM : By Neal Romanek

Ostmodern and Paywizard have teamed up to create a new platform for developing audience relationships around PPV content

Paywizard and Ostmodern have partnered to provide a new pay-per-view services solution, called Venue.

The software and services solution is designed around the relationship between the operator and customer, say the companies, optimising each customer's PPV content journey. Venue focuses on building relationships with customers long-term, so that operators don’t just monetise a single event, but create predictable and growing revenue streams.

Venue provides a ‘decision moments’ framework, identifying eight critical points in the PPV customer journey: Find, Join, Consume, Upgrade, Downgrade, Bill, Leave and Win Back. Operators can offer personalised engagement at each key stage by proactively using customer data insight and predictive analytics to leverage a dynamic content management system that feeds captivating content to consumer devices. 

With 80% of PPV registrations happening in the final hour before an event, operators must have a solution that is robust and scalable, say Paywizard and Ostmodern, but keeping customers engaged before and after an event is the major PPV challenge. Venue hopes to drive loyalty and growth during all stages and offer the ability to create targeted marketing campaigns, offer further premium extras such as VR content and merchandise or even introduce SVOD subscriptions for regular customers.