Televisa will boost HD services with new Ericsson distribution

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Neal Romanek
April 21st 2017 at 3:31PM : By Neal Romanek

Televisa and Ericsson have been partners for over 25 years

Ericsson is set to implement an end-to-end primary distribution system for top Mexican broadcaster Televisa.

The new system will include Ericsson's AVP Encoder with HEVC compression module, and Ericsson's MX8400 Multiplexer and RX8200 HEVC receivers with integrated DVB-S2X demodulator. By deploying both DVB-S2X and HEVC, Televisa aims to increase the number of its HD services without requiring additional bandwidth or sacrificing image quality.

Televisa will also take on Ericsson’s nCompass Director, a system management platform which features conditional access and software download capabilities. Ericsson says that nCompass Director will offer Televisa a more flexible approach to managing and protecting content delivered to its affiliates.

This new primary distribution system will Televisa to deliver content to ATSC stations throughout Mexico.

Ericsson has worked with Televisa for over 25 years. A decade ago Ericsson helped Televisa to migrate from its original Ericsson-supplied MPEG-2 SD system to an MPEG-4 AVC SD and HD architecture, making Televisa the first HDTV network in Mexico. 

Elisabetta Romano, VP and head of media solutions at Ericsson, said: “This new agreement is the next milestone in our long-standing relationship with Televisa. Ericsson’s latest portfolio incorporating HEVC HD compression technology and DVB-S2X transmission technology will play a fundamental role in enabling more expansive HD content delivery without increasing demand on valuable satellite bandwidth. Televisa has a reputation for being a pioneer in the Mexican TV and media industry, deploying new standards based technologies including MPEG-4 AVC, DVB-S2 and now both HEVC and DVB-S2X. We look forward to growing our relationship with them even further over the coming years.”