Telestream's Wirecast supports Twitter live video

Telestream - Wirecast and Periscope
Neal Romanek
March 22nd 2017 at 12:20PM : By Neal Romanek

A new version of the live streaming software allows easy streaming to Twitter's

Telestream's Wirecast will now integrate with Twitter's new live video API. The company has upgraded the live streaming software to Version 7.5. Wirecast users will be now be able to stream live full motion video to Twitter's, which appears natively within Twitter feeds.

Wirecast enables capture, live production, and encoding of live streams for broadcast to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously and has special appeal for streaming internet content, broadcasting breaking news, streaming live concerts and games, and transmitting church services, corporate events and lectures. Features include live scoreboards, 3D virtual sets, chroma key support and audio controls.

Telestream hopes that the combination of Wirecast and Periscope/Twitter will appeal to a range of markets, especially online broadcasters that want to leverage Twitter feeds for live video. 

“We anticipate that news and celebrity and influencer posts will be popular applications of this technology mix,” said Scott Murray, VP of desktop products at Telestream. “With Periscope/Twitter added as a native destination within Wirecast, users have the means to add rich, professional production values to live video streams on Twitter – something that we’re confident will win more eyeballs and bring users more followers.”

Wirecast Studio is priced at $495. Wirecast Pro, priced at $995, adds support for more advanced production features and additional input sources. Upgrades from previous versions of Wirecast will start at $179.