Streamlining broadcast workflows with KVM

Streamlining broadcast workflows with KVM
Carolyn Giardina
August 25th 2016 at 12:39PM : By

IHSE will show a variety of products including KVM solutions

Several new products from IHSE are aimed at continuing to aid broadcast facilities and post production studios in streamlining broadcast workflow.

According to the company, its KVM technology is being absorbed increasingly into the broadcast process as users take advantage of “secure remote access to source, editing and content control devices; by transmitting instant and latency-free images and providing unrestricted access to control devices from any workstation.”

On show this year will be a new version of the Java-based Tera tool, with new features to optimise administrator control, and overview of an installed KVM switch featuring live preview images, extended drag and drop switching and configurable layouts.

IHSE will also show a range of new SDI and USB extenders. Each is designed to ease the problems associated with long distance transmission of imagery and high-speed data. It will also display a new hot-standby controller board for the Draco tera enterprise switch range.