Selevision and Voddler partner for greater mobile MENA reach

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Neal Romanek
January 17th 2017 at 9:44AM : By Neal Romanek

The Middle East content company will use Voddler's cloud tech for to improve its streaming quality of service

Middle East tech and content provider Selevision will be working with cloud-streaming company Voddler Group to improve its streaming experience.

Selevision provides broadcast and online channels direct to consumers under several brands from its bases in the Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The company will add Voddler's hybrid peer-assisted and secure streaming technlogy to its global technology platform. It is hoped that Voddler's scalability across bitrates and devices will allow Selevision to expand its audience. It's hoped that the VoddlerNet implementation will allow greater support for the Middle East's particularly high usage of mobile devices. 

VoddlerNet combines controlled and secure peer-assisted delivery with direct streaming from the source provider. This hybrid peer-assisted video streaming solution is designed to expand the reach of streaming video services while maintaining the highest bitrate possible. VoddlerNet is DRM agnostic and supports any VOD and OTT platforms and integrated technologies. 

“Providing the best possible viewing experience for the end user is vital to us, regardless of which of our entertainment services they are using and wherever they may be viewing from,” said Dr Raed Khusheim, CEO of Selevision. “To maintain our leading position, we are continually innovating behind the scenes. Voddler’s ability to offer broadcast quality content limitlessly offers real advantages in driving up the quality of experience.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with Selevision,” said Adam Lewis, CEO of Voddler Group. “As a pre-eminent OTT provider in the MENA region, Selevision already reaches millions of viewers. We want to help them continue their growth while maintaining the quality and responsiveness for which the platform is famous. Expectations of technical quality as well as access to rich content are very high, and VoddlerNet enables Selevision to meet these expectations cost-effectively, without massive investment in edge servers and content delivery networks.”