Raid La Saharienne: From Ecuador to Facebook Live

Raid La Saharienne
Neal Romanek
January 19th 2017 at 11:07AM : By Neal Romanek

Aviwest supplied the gear for live streaming of the action to an international Facebook audience

Last November, French producer Paris WebCube covered the "Raid La Saharienne" event for women held this year in the Loja region of Ecuador. The event, in which 50 pairs of women competed in several multisport challenges, was broadcast via Facebook Live, using Aviwest mobile streaming technology, including Aviwest's DMNG PRO180-RA transmitter, DMNG StreamHub receiver platform, and an Inmarsat GX antenna.  

Daily 20-minute broadcasts showed the various stages of the trek, challenges encountered, and participant interviews. The first "Raid La Saharienne" event was held in 2015 in Morocco. 

"Thanks to the high stability of the DMNG PRO, we were able to stream live, high-quality videos via cellular connection," said Eric Caucheteur, CEO, Paris WebCube. "The AVIWEST equipment enabled us to deliver interactive content that generated more than 14,000 views and 200 comments during the first one-hour-long live video session. Moreover, the Raid organisation was able to offer a new type of content and grow its community."

Aviwest DMNG PRO

Aviwest DMNG Pro


Paris WebCube used the Aviwest DMNG PRO180-RA's network aggregation capabilities, Paris WebCube covered every event during the trek. After an HD stream was received by the DMNG StreamHub, the Aviwest receiver platform in the cloud, it was directly delivered to the Raid organisation's dedicated Facebook page.