Publish video from your existing workflow with Telestream's Vantage Social

Telestream Vantage Social
Neal Romanek
June 21st 2017 at 4:35PM : By Neal Romanek

The extension to Telestream's Vantage platform allows easy easy social media publishing from existing workflows

Telestream is offering a new solution for continuous delivery of video content to social media platforms. Vantage Social, an extension to Telestream's Vantage media processing and workflow automation platform, is designed for a range of users from broadcasters to sports teams, large corporations and SME's.

The company says that Vantage Social will multiply the pace and scale of video communications to social media and online video platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vimeo. The solution bridges the gap between technical production and social media marketing teams and aims to enable domain experts in marketing and video production to work independently. Vantage Social aims to eliminate the organisational and technical barriers between teams that can block effective video marketing communications.

For broadcasters using social media platforms for content distribution, Vantage Social delivers content on targeted, measurable channels to help grow audience engagement. Building on the workflow architecture of the Vantage Media Processing Platform, Vantage Social creates processes and delivers video to named accounts on social media platforms in ways that complement existing delivery processes. Additionally, Vantage Social offers marketing teams with immediate access to managed content and promos with no additional production effort.

Vantage Social communicates in the native format of production systems to access video and also features tools and automation that tag, package and brand video to optimise the content for social media feeds. 

Telestream director of strategic product planning Jim Duval claimed measurable improvements for organisations who’ve adopted Vantage Social: “In the time it used to take to manually produce 15 video clips and post them to YouTube, we’re now seeing teams producing in excess of 100 video clips and post them on 10 platforms.”

“In terms of social media marketing, video is the most compelling content to drive engagement – but getting access to that video and optimising it for social distribution is typically the biggest challenge our customers face,” said Paul Turner, VP of enterprise product management at Telestream. “Whether you are an international broadcaster seeking to grow your viewing audience, a national baseball team looking to connect with your die-hard fans or a multi-national financial service organisation seeking to promote your products and services the need is the same. On social media, full motion video is the most compelling communication medium and with Vantage Social we have slashed the time, manpower and money required to create your own high quality supply source.”