Polish broadcaster moves content with Aspera

Aspera at Telewizja Polsat
Neal Romanek
November 10th 2016 at 11:12AM : By Neal Romanek

IBM Cloud’s Aspera technology will enable easy sharing of files both inside and outside Telewizja Polsat

Polish commercial broadcaster Telewizja Polsat will use IBM Aspera to improve the way content is ingested from local producers and global correspondents to their broadcast station by replacing the use of external media.

Telewizja Polsat, established in 1992, broadcasts more than 30 channels and collaborates with 40 Polish production houses and content producers. One hour of TV content usually consists of 25 GB of data, reaching approximately 12 TB of content every month.

Previously, content was delivered on external media, such as tapes, hard disks and DVDs, or transferred using FTP. After deploying a tapeless production and broadcast system several years ago, Telewizja Polsat started to look for software-based alternatives of delivering digital content.

After an evaluation, Telewizja Polsat decided to deploy IBM Aspera technology at the studio’s headquarters in Warsaw. Today IBM Aspera provides a solution that enables high-speed transfer of multi-gigabyte digital assets and real-time collaboration with geographically distributed news and sports correspondents. A web interface enables new content providers and correspondents to transfer files without the need to learn a complicated system.

Based on the patented FASP high-speed file transport technology, IBM Aspera allows correspondents for Telewizja Polsat in the US, Russia, Germany, Italy, Belgium to submit raw and final shots via their mobile devices directly to Polsat for automatic transfer to newsrooms or sports production systems. Aspera’s email-style interface allows individual contributors to quickly upload large video files without requiring any technical expertise. The integrated notifications alert team members when content has been successfully delivered and downloaded.

“Our broadcast depends on IBM Aspera every day,” said Andrzej Szyma?ski, IT/TV manager at Telewizja Polsat. “Sometimes content comes in within days of a planned broadcast, which previously require a long process of acceptance and control to be performed in a very short time frame. Aspera drastically reduces the time it takes for us to receive the content, shortening the end-to-end workflow and ensuring we can have content ready to go in time for transmission on our channels,” adds Andrzej Szymanski.

“Broadcasters like Telewizja Polsat are always striving to deliver the highest quality programming," said Michelle Munson, CEO and co-founder Aspera. “Faster content acquisition and shorter end-to-end workflows with the IBM Aspera technology allows them to meet their tight production schedules and broadcast news and reports when they are still relevant to their growing audiences”.