Panamanian cable company Onda TV upgrades for OTT

Cable Onda logo
Neal Romanek
February 10th 2017 at 11:10AM : By Neal Romanek

Elemental Technologies has supplied a new unified headend

Panamanian pay TV company Cable Onda has added OTT and mobile content delivery to its TV, internet and telephony services. Elemental Technologies will power the unified video headend for Cable Onda and prepare the company for future 4K offerings.

The new unified headend, built in-house by Cable Onda engineers, employs Elemental Live with Statistical Multiplexing capabilities and Elemental Server encoding and file-based appliances as well as Elemental Conductor for system management. Content will be delivered across the Cable Onda hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) cable television network to homes and over broadband networks and mobile devices for TV Everywhere OTT services.

Additionally, high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) compliant Elemental Live systems will allow Cable Onda to add 4K services apace with market demand. As part of the project, Cable Onda will also offer a new set-top box to its subscribers.

Founded 35 years ago, Cable Onda is one of the largest pay TV service providers in Panama. With increasing competition from multinational service providers, the Panamanian media company is looking to differentiate itself with new service offerings and improved picture quality.

“Our business requirement was to offer innovative services to every device, along with lower cost of operation and simple and secure management tools,” said Michael Maduro, VP of strategic projects for Cable Onda. “Elemental could demonstrate precisely what we were looking for and worked well with our engineering and integration team, and with other technology partners.

“The result is the most modern unified headend in the region, achieving our vision of a next-generation subscriber experience that retains and builds on our already loyal audience, engaging them over HFC, OTT and mobile,” Maduro added.