NewTek releases a new version of NDI - and a new camera

NewTek's NDI
Neal Romanek
July 12th 2017 at 12:44PM : By Neal Romanek

NewTek advances its "internet of things approach to video" and offers the first NDI-native camera

NewTek has announced version three of NDI (or Network Device Interface), its royalty-free IP video technology. The company has also announced a fully-IP enabled camera connected through a standard ethernet cable and devices for converting SDI video to IP.

The new iteration of NDI includes a number of upgrades, including multicast with forwards error correction, a high efficiency mode suitable for wireless or long distance transmission, PTZ camera control and tally, and improved encoding performance. In collaboration with multiple vendors, with this release NewTek is also announcing embedded NDI support for hardware devices such as cameras and a/v signal converters.

NewTek introduced NDI at IBC 2015. The technology has become very popular, across a range of sectors, for sharing IP video over a standard Ethernet network. 

Version 3 of NDI represents the largest incremental change to the NDI SDK since its launch. New features include:

  • Multicast support with forwards error correction - A single NDI source can now serve any number of destinations, limited only by network infrastructure. Multicast now supplements unicast support, enabling the best mode of operation to be implemented as appropriate
  • High efficiency mode (NDI|HX) - Full resolution, full frame-rate video suitable for limited bandwidth wireless, remote, and large scale networks
  • Pan/tilt/zoom camera support - standardises video, audio, tally and camera control, providing a convenient PTZ control configuration experience. 
  • Improved encoding performance - Encodes on an i7-based machine at roughly the following rates: 8K at 320fps, 4K at 1000fps, 1080p at 2500fps

The NewTek NDI version 3 SDK will be available for download in Q3 2017 at It's available as an SDK that can be downloaded and integrated into other applications.

"We've acquired a good understanding of what the real world problems are from all the people using NDI," NewTek president and CTO. Dr. Andrew Cross told TV Tech Global. "With NDI, we've gotten it wrong enough times that we now know just what works in the real world. NDI is an internet of things approach to video, which targets working on the existing infrastructure. We work compressed, which we see as a benefit, allowing us to work on existing internet connections. And with good, modern Ethernet, we're already at that point of being able to compete with high-end broadcast video."

New PTZ camera

NewTek also announced a new video camera, the NDIHX-PTZ1. The camera, which the company claims is the "world's first PTZ camera that is truly plug and play", transmits full 3G 1080p 60 video directly to NDI-compatible products across a standard network. The NewTek NDI camera connects to the network and delivers video and audio, as well as tally and PTZ control  over a single Ethernet cable.

NewTek camera side view

The camera has full NDI support and can connect to any NDI-enabled video application. Once connected to the network, the camera is visible to all compatible systems running the latest version of NDI, including LiveStream Studio, SplitmediaLabs XSplit, Streamstar, OBS Studio, StudioCoast vMix, Telestream Wirecast, and NewTek TriCaster.

The NDIHX-PTZ1 is aimed at the prosumer market and will debut on 1 August in the US with a $2799 price point. International pricing will vary.

NewTek camera ports


Connect Spark

NewTek also announced low-cost devices for converting SDI video signals to IP. The new hardware, Connect Spark, will support wired and wireless technology.

The Connect Spark can wirelessly deliver SDI or HDMI video to a computer or IP network. As IP video converters with built-in NDI functionality, the units deliver video as an IP source to any network via Wi-Fi or standard Ethernet cable. The devices can also record audio and video to SD cards or USB drives and are controllable via a web interface.


NewTek Connect Spark


Connect Spark devices provide 3G-SDI or HDMI conversion up to 1080p60 with loop-through. In addition to video conversion to IP, the devices provide tally support, and remotely record MP4 to an SD card or USB drive. Recording is controlled through a web interface available for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Orders for the Connect Spark NCS (HDMI version) and NCS-S (SDI version) will also ship on 1 August with a US MSRP of $499.