New software-defined exciter "two generations ahead" of competition says GatesAir

GatesAir Maxiva XTE
September 1st 2015 at 12:26PM


A new software-defined exciter for TV and DAB radio broadcasters and network operators will be unveiled by GatesAir at IBC.


Featuring a smaller footprint and advanced IP capabilities, the GatesAir Maxiva XTE exciter improves on the previous Maxiva M2X exciter model by being more efficient and enhancing its signal correction capabilities, improving modulation error ratio (MER) and addressing other signal imperfections in over-the-air broadcasts.


Delivered in a 1RU platform that is half the size of its predecessor the XTE also has 300% more digital signal processing power and a 1GHz quad-core CPU featuring 20 times the horsepower.


These capabilities are said to “ensure” improved signal quality, throughput and IP networking capabilities for both DTV standards and DAB radio and emerging broadcast opportunities such as LTE Mobile Offload ATSC 3.0.


As the exciter is software-defined it can be upgraded in the field.


“The exciter is truly the engine driving the transmitter, and too many exciters on the market remain static in capabilities, or are simple repackaged modulators from suppliers lacking competency in advanced digital waveform and signal correction,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir.


“Our engineering team has put countless hours into research and development to ensure a future-proof platform that outperforms every exciter on the market in terms of quality, performance, size and power. The Maxiva XTE is securely two generations ahead of every TV and DAB Radio exciter on the market.”


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