Neuromedia beats the giants in audience measurement deal

Heather McLean
September 27th 2017 at 2:05PM : By

NeuroMedia offers an update of an audience measurement product, CasterStats

NeuroMedia has presented version five of audience measurement product, CasterStats. CasterStats 5, which is designed for radio and TV on IP, offers a hybrid approach to data collection, exploiting both the benefits of server-side and now with the latest version of the software, client-side measurement, along with a new web interface for users.

The Belgium-based company has recently resigned another three-year agreement plus renewal rights with Belgium’s public broadcasting organisation,, to provide its updated hybrid approach to audience measurement. Just prior to IBC the company also signed a three-year contract with renewal with the country’s Centre D’Information de Médias (CIM) to measure all IP radio on the server and client side, to provide the official stats for the organisation for Belgium.

“We are very, very competitive,” claimed NeuroMedia’s Dany Donnen, partner in the business alongside Pierre Mengal. “We’ve beaten the big institutes to win this tender, the biggest players in the market, because we are the only one with this hybrid approach, we are flexible so we can adapt to the customer’s needs, and we offer competitive prices.”

Thanks to the insertion of trackers on the provider’s web page, coupled with the call for web services in the dedicated mobile application, client-side measurement has the advantage of being able to determine the exact behaviour of the user; detailed capture of all activity makes it possible to see what has been viewed and listened to.

In addition, server-side measurements directly exploit the logs generated by streaming servers and the events (connections and disconnections). Server-side measurement ensures completeness and availability, said Donnen.

It provides the base data that is then enriched by the client-side measurement. Donnen commented: “We are convinced the hybrid approach is the only way to do audience measurement. You can see the consumption of the entire stream. The client side provides added value, especially on user information and behaviour, whereas the server side gives you the completeness you need to see, for instance, if the consumer cancels the download, if they pick it up again, if they are using an aggregator to listen to a radio station or direct from the provider, and more. This hybrid method allows the measurement of 100 per cent of the audience.”