Net Insight delivers video streaming to betting shops

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Neal Romanek
October 4th 2016 at 12:33PM : By Neal Romanek

Net Insight's new Sye product offers an OTT alternative to satellite delivery

Media transport and scheduling company Net Insight will supply SIS with its Sye solution to provide delivery of live betting content to betting shops and bookmaker trading rooms worldwide.

The partnership will enable live content from the SIS portfolio to be delivered to betting shops and trading rooms across Net Insight’s ultra-low latency Sye platform. The move aims to provide clients with a cost effective, highly-reliable and differentiated product set that allows them to compete in various markets. SIS’s decision to implement Net Insight’s Sye ensures a more cost-effective video delivery over the internet than traditional satellite services.

Sye will provide content from SIS channel playout services to SIS set-top boxes in betting shops and trading rooms, with the Sye streaming Software Development Kit (SDK) client integrated into the local set-top box.

The SIS-operated Sye streaming Content Delivery Network (CDN) will be easy to scale up and add multi-screen support also to mobile devices.

“Our partnership with Net Insight and their Sye platform enables SIS to deliver more content and be more flexible in our service delivery to our customers,” said Dave Gill, head of streaming for SIS. “Using Net Insight’s Sye makes sense as it can deliver improved ultra-low latency, live streaming in a betting environment where every second counts.”

“Sye is a forward thinking, game changing solution for the OTT market and this win, targeting bookmakers, shows one of many possible solutions of Sye,” said Fredrik Tumegård, CEO of Net Insight. “With our innovative technology and SIS’ strong presence in the sports and betting market we are confident that our partnership can bring new innovative services to this market.”

The initial order value for the first phase is less than 1 million SEK (104,000 Euro) and implementation will take place before year-end.

Net Insight launched its Sye solution earlier this year with the aim of bringing back a live and interactive TV experience for TV users over the internet.