Mobile Viewpoint app for BBC mobile journalism

WMT Lite
Neal Romanek
February 26th 2016 at 12:07PM : By Neal Romanek

The company has optimised its WMT Lite app for BBC use

Mobile Viewpoint has developed a dedicated live streaming application for mobile journalism in cooperation with the BBC news gathering department.

The core of the BBC app is the WMT live app Mobile Viewpoint developed two years ago in response to the needs of the newsgathering industry to equip journalists with a live streaming tool to report news live. Special features have been added to the app to accommodate BBC requirements. The new app will be branded by the BBC.

The Mobile Viewpoint iPhone/Android client is part of the WMT portfolio using the same receiver hardware. The MVP iPhone/Android client uses similar algorithms as the WMT to ensure the highest quality video although using one connection. The MVP app grabs the video from the iPhone/Android back or front camera and encodes the video with H.264 and audio with AAC. Based on the available bandwidth the encoding is adapted to ensures transmission of the best possible video quality with the shortest possible fixed delay time. The transmission is decoded by the WMT server and played back by the WMT playout via SDI or analogue outputs. The app is available as a license on top of (existing) WMT server installations or as a stand alone server.

Mobile Viewpoint and the BBC have been working together since the Olympic Games in 2012 where the complete Olympic Torch Relay was successfully streamed live using Mobile Viewpoint WMT backpacks with bonded 3G/4G connections. Since then, BBC News has deployed over 50 Mobile Viewpoint WMT units for its various foreign offices. All the regional channels also use Mobile Viewpoint for their live news as well.

“We are looking forward to the deployment of this dedicated live newsgathering app because it will leverage social media channels like Facebook and Twitter with professional journalism," said Michel Bais, CEO of Mobile Viewpoint.