Japan's J:COM upgrades to cloud-based UX

Neal Romanek
April 26th 2017 at 11:58AM : By Neal Romanek

The pay-TV network now offers web-like VOD experiences on their existing set top boxes

Japanese biggest pay-TV operator J:COM is offering new video on demand services to its subscribers via new cloud virtualisation from ActiveVideo.

J:COM is offering enhanced, web-like VOD experiences on their existing set top boxes with expedited content discovery. The upgrades to the service have been enabled by shifting the browsing environment to the cloud. The new cloud-based service allows for easy updates of the UX as well.

ActiveVideo's CloudTV GuideCast allows J:COM to improve its current STB functionality by making the user experience independent of device CPU speeds, memory size and graphics capabilities. GuideCast renders an HTML5 user interface in the cloud and delivers the output as an interactive MPEG video stream to any cable QAM or IP set top box supported by a client with a downloaded or preinstalled CloudTV Nano module. 

“The user interface is the customer’s point of entry to our on-demand library,” said Masaaki Agaya, J:COM general manager, service planning division. “The power of the cloud has enabled us to offer our subscribers a next-generation UX that overnight is opening the door to engaging new viewing experiences on the same familiar set-top boxes.”