India's Times Network gets new playout from Grass Valley

Times Network
Neal Romanek
May 24th 2017 at 4:18PM : By Neal Romanek

The network has installed Grass Valley's GV Stratus, iTX and iControl

Indian English-language entertainment and news network, Times Network, has upgraded its video production and content management infrastructure.

The channel is using Grass Valley's GV Stratus with K2 Summit 3G transmission clients connected to a K2 SAN Storage System for its entertainment and movie channel applications. The network has also installed the Grass Valley's iTX Integrated playout platform, iControl facility monitoring, Kaleido-X and Kaleido-MX multiviewers, and Densité 3 

GV Stratus is a set of production tools in one application for managing entertainment, on-air operations and news production media workflows and can be tailored for each user's job function.

iTX is a widely deployed playout platform for broadcast television and delivers IP/SDI format flexibility and scalability. The multifunction playout platform also includes audio processing and multilevel graphics capabilities.

iControl is a signal and network monitor system for broadcast facilities, including distributed multichannel operations. With a graphical interface, third-party control integration and automated responses, the system enables operators to mopre easily control multiple channels.

“At Times Network, we are committed to delivering the high-quality entertainment content our audiences expect, and the only way to do that is with superior technology in place,” said K. Yegneshwara Iyer, VP and head of technology at Times Network. “With this new solution from Grass Valley, we can take advantage of a seamless work environment that gives us control over the entire spectrum of our content creation and distribution lifecycle, allowing us to quickly turnaround new content production, deliver it first, and across multiple platforms.”

The Times Network is owned by Bennet, Coleman and Co, India's largest media conglomerate and publisher of the Times Of India, which has the largest circulation of any English-language newspaper in the world.