IBC Tech Review: Ruwido's new Line

Ruwido - The Line
Neal Romanek
September 21st 2016 at 10:10AM : By Neal Romanek

New TV control interface mimics touchscreen smart devices

At this month's IBC show in Amsterdam, Austrian entertainment remote control manufacturer Ruwido debuted its new home TV navigation experience, The Line.

Attempting to transfer the usage pattern of smart devices to the living room TV, the goal of The Line tries to define an interaction mechanism as close as possible to the natural behaviour of the user – precise and quick. Due to the omnipresence of smart devices within almost all areas of daily life and the wide acceptance of touch interaction, Ruwido developed a way to navigate the graphical user interface of a TV screen three to five meters away from the user, with the same ease as our interaction with our smart devices.]

The approach offers the ability to close the physical distance between the user and the graphical user interface. Carrying on the structure of the user interface onto the navigation field of the remote control enables the fusion of two senses – visual and tactile.

The Line offers the ability to navigate within modern user interfaces whilst never looking away from the TV screen, creating the perceived impression of touching the TV screen with a swipe of a finger.

Ferdinand Maier, CEO of Ruwido said: “The arrangement and structure we have created on the user interface, synchronized with the interaction mechanism of the remote control, is the answer to the question of how the feeling of smart phone interaction can be transferred onto the TV in the living room".