How will YOU make the transition?

IP Revolution EVS
Neal Romanek
June 16th 2016 at 1:47PM : By Neal Romanek

EVS is offering a free webinar next week, which will present case studies of real IP production based on IP4Live

Registration is open for the webinar "Progress in managing the IP transition", which takes place on 27 June, and is presented by EVS .

Part of TVBEurope Strategy Week,  the webinar will see James Stellpflug, VP of product marketing at EVS, present how solutions born out of EVS's IP4Live initiative can bring the benefits of IP-based workflows to live production while preserving customers’ investments in existing production infrastructure.

IP4Live is a strategic approach to the IP revolution, which features interoperability between vendors. IP’s march to ubiquity is well on its way, and is being adopted by all parts of the broadcast workflow, opening up new challenges as well as a wider range of possibilities for live broadcasters. How can traditional and emerging IP systems co-exist? How best to make the transition? The webinar offers practical, tangible examples of how to take steps into working in IP-based broadcast environments.

Stellpflug, who has more than two decades of industry experience in facility design, integration and production operations of live event and mobile TV production, will also explain how IP4Live extends to content aggregation and enrichment, providing new approaches to building media datacentres, as well as multi-purpose content distribution.

The webinar takes place on Monday 27 June at 15:00 BST (16:00 CET). Click here to register.