Genius Digital launches audience analytics for offline video

Neal Romanek
February 3rd 2017 at 9:41AM : By Neal Romanek

The release follows Netflix's announcement of plans to offer downloads

Audience analytics company Genius Digital has released its new Offline Viewing Analytics product, designed to help operators understand how subscribers are viewing downloaded and offline content.

The new Genius Digital product tracks viewing events that have been stored locally while the subscriber is viewing offline. Operators can then track multiple downloads and viewing sessions at the same time, and distinguish between the two. For example, when a subscriber is downloading five different files and streaming a sixth, operators can understand the difference between these types of consumption. 

Genius Digital hopes its Offline Viewing Analytics will allow users to better leverage acquisition and rights, content marketing, pricing, retention, windowing and optimising user interfaces. The launch coincides with the recent announcement that Netflix will allow offline viewing of downloaded contente for its subscribers. 

“For operators, providing offline viewing helps them to fulfil the promise of ‘anytime, anywhere’ viewing for their subscribers. However, if their analytics systems are not engineered to track this viewing, operators risk having a large blind spot in their understanding of how their multiscreen services are consumed.” said Tom Weiss, CEO of Genius Digital.  “Our Offline Viewing Analytics product provides operators with a detailed understanding of how their subscribers are viewing downloaded and offline content, and how their offline viewing can inform decision making and wider business goals.”