Edgeware offers piracy defenses

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Anne Morris
September 18th 2017 at 9:36AM : By

Edgeware has integrated ContentArmor watermarking technology into its CDN technology

TV content delivery network (CDN) specialist Edgeware is showcasing what it believes is the first really robust watermarking solution for video content at IBC this week.

The company has integrated ContentArmor’s bitstream-based forensic watermarking solution into its TV CDN technology. ContentArmor’s technology inserts information into the video bitstream in an intelligent way that makes it invisible to the viewer, yet makes its robust enough to withstand video transformations such as recompression and cropping. 

Integrating this into Edgeware’s TV CDN technology means every stream can have a different code embedded at the edge of the network without any extra processing, resulting in each viewer having their own identifiable version of the content. The functionality can be deployed for IPTV and OTT services.

Richard Brandon, chief marketing officer at Edgeware, noted that the watermarking technology is proving to be a significant new addition to its products and has attracted interest from the big movie studios, among others.

“The level of piracy is quite staggering,” said Brandon, noting that the Internet has not only supported an increase in piracy but also allows pirates to hide more effectively. “This ease of access to illegal content is why it’s so vital that watermarking solutions are integrated within delivery networks, especially if they’re purposely built for delivering TV.”

A further aspect is that the quality of pirated video is also improving: “Even a pirated version of 4K content can be quite good,” Brandon commented.