Aldena targets Latin America with new UHF broadband antennas

Neal Romanek
April 19th 2017 at 5:41PM : By Neal Romanek

Aldena is targeting Latin America with its new UHF antennas

Aldena is showing off UHF antennas at NAB. The new line includes different panels, superturnstile, and high gain directional antennas for directional, omnidirectional or customised patterns.

The ATU080742xC is the company’s new UHF Broadband panel suitable for horizontal, vertical, circular and elliptical polarisation. ATS320792x is the new 11 dBd gain superturnstile omnidirectional antenna for horizontal polarisation.

The company says they are targeting the U.S. DTV Repack and the South American for the new products.