Agama's RF fault detection

Agama Technologies
Neal Romanek
August 31st 2016 at 12:13PM : By Neal Romanek

The company will show a new detection and visualisation functionality, designed to pinpoint where in the RF access network problems have occurred


Video service quality and customer experience company Agama Technologies is presenting its monitoring and analytics solution for multiplatform and multiscreen environments at IBC.

Among the products on show is the new cable RF fault detection and visualisation functionality, based on the Agama SCALE architecture, which is designed to pinpoint where in the RF access network problems have occurred and what the customer impact is.

Based on metrics from subscriber devices, the incoming data is processed and analysed in real-time to generate actionable alerts: identifying which channels are impacted with RF degradation, where in the network the incident has occurred and the number of affected customers for each problem.??With this information, Agama claimed an operations team can escalate to the right party and prioritise to minimise downtime and service degradation for the subscriber base. At the same time, operational efficiency is improved, according to the company, as field engineers have the complete picture of RF problems affecting video services.

“We are very excited to release this new set of cable TV-centric functions that have been developed in collaboration with our customers”, said Johan Görsjö, product manager, Agama Technologies. “We know that the RF part of the distribution network is where a large fraction of issues occur and providing better insights in this area is crucial.”

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