How to buy a large LED screen

Large LED screen in Logan's Run-style atrium
Neal Romanek
Buyers Guide
January 25th 2017 at 11:06AM : By Neal Romanek

This downloadable buyers guide from Messagemaker answers the most common questions asked in purchasing large-sized LED screens

Full colour LED screens are becoming increasingly popular, and costs have plummeted. But with such a wide range available, how does a buyer sort the wheat from the chaff?

The aim of this short paper is to highlight the key factors that buyers and specifiers should be aware of when comparing similar specification displays (screen size and resolution). We’ll do this by answering the most commonly posed questions that buyers ask (or should ask!).


Prices of similar specification displays vary widely – by a factor of up to 3 times! How can this be?

The major reason is the LED specification. LEDs are the largest cost in any LED display (fairly obviously!) and with each square metre of 10mm pixel display using 30,000 LED chips, small differences in LED prices equal big differences in the price of the complete screen. For a display from us, screen cost can vary by a factor of 2.5x based solely on a change of LED specification – all other components and specifications remaining exactly the same! Beware manufacturers offering low cost LEDs but claiming

So what’s a good LED Brand?

It’s a fast moving market but in general terms the league table of quality (and price) for full colour display LEDs runs something like the list below. Note that all suppliers will claim their LEDs are...


To download the full PDF of the large screen LED buyers guide, click here!.