Wohler launches AMP1 audio monitors

Wohler launches AMP1 audio monitors
August 10th 2016 at 10:39AM

Wohler Technologies has two audio monitors - the AMP1-8-M and AMP1-2SDA.

The AMP1-8-M possesses dual input SDI with eight-channels, whilst the AMP1-2SDA offers two.

As well as being designed to be affordable, Wohler says that the monitors provide ‘unprecedented access’ to its advanced audio monitoring technology.

“For a long time customers have been asking for a world-class Wohler monitoring solution that is easy to use while being affordable,” said Craig Newbury, vice president of sales, Wohler.

“We have listened and developed the AMP1-8-M and AMP1-2SDA to provide users with a selection of options in the price point without compromising on our world famous quality, from a more advanced 8-channel solution, to a 2-channel model.”

The AMP1-8-M offers ‘fast, intuitive operation’ for monitoring SDI audio. It is designed for in-studio or remote productions, providing selection and summing of any grouping of the first four SDI audio pairs.

The AMP1-2SDA offers Wohler’s audio monitoring in a compact 1RU 2-channel version. It features adjustable volume and balance controls, display of levels and phase indications.