Wheatstone to show voice recorder, updated IP console

Wheatstone VoxPro 6
Neal Romanek
April 14th 2016 at 1:41PM : By Neal Romanek

The company is adding surround sound to its I/O access units and more IP console options for its WheatNet-IP audio network as well as releasing a new version of the VoxPro audio recorder

Wheatstone will be debuting several new products at next week's NAB show.

The company is adding surround sound to its I/O access units and more IP console options for its WheatNet-IP audio network. Wheatstone’s Gibraltar IP Mix Engine is now available for the Dimension Three, Series Four, Series Two, D-8EX, and IP-64 digital mixing consoles from Wheatstone.

The Gibraltar IP Mix Engine provides these audio consoles with direct connectivity into WheatNet-IP, an AES67 compatible IP audio network with all the necessary broadcast audio tools and controls integrated into one robust, distributed network. In addition to tools such as audio processing and two 8x2 stereo mixers at every access point, WheatNet-IP audio network I/O BLADEs now come standard with 5.1 surround input and routing. Surround sound also can be routed and managed through WheatNet-IP’s NAVIGATOR software and controlled via scripting and the WheatNet-IP BLADE ACI. The new Gibraltar IP Mix Engine is capable of 1,024 channels of simultaneous digital signal processing, giving IP audio consoles the ability to handle any post- or live production challenge.

Wheatstone will also be unveiling its new VoxPro 6 audio recorder/editor/playback system designed for live, on-air operation (see image). The company acquired the VoxPro digital recorder/editor from Audion Labs in October.

Among the upgrades added to the editor/recorder is a feature that enables talent to simultaneously record audio while editing or playing back other audio as well as a Gap-Buster function to automatically remove silence from interviews and phone calls, support for Hotkey and Marker labels in any of the world’s languages, color-coded Markers, and a detachable Hotkey panel. There’s also an option to hide the Editor and File List to reduce on-screen clutter, and greater integration with Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP audio network, including control for routing, salvos and playback tallies with end warning flash.

“We’ve combined all the intuitive capability that VoxPro is known for with several new features, then we Wheaty-ized it to turn it into an even more powerful tool in the broadcast studio,” said Rick Bidlack, lead engineer for VoxPro.