VoiceQ "rythmo band" ADR software gets an upgrade

Voice Q 3.0 - English and Hebrew
Neal Romanek
January 4th 2017 at 11:11AM : By Neal Romanek

The new VoiceQ 3.0 software features a voice recognition capability which matches a dialogue track to a script text

New Zealand audio company Kiwa Digital has released a new version of its VoiceQ dubbing software. VoiceQ is aimed at facilities using the performance-friendly "rythmo band" style of dubbing and ADR, which allows for longer, uninterrupted takes of voice performances.

The new VoiceQ 3.0, also called the VoiceQ Democracy Series, includes a feature called AutoSync Assistant feature, a built in script processor designed to minimise the time it takes for users to import text. AutoSync Assistant has a built-in voice recognition engine that matches a supported audio file to script text. With the dialogue tracks and script text synchronised, technicians can manually check sync of the segments and make any alterations to the text. The AutoSync Assistant can also be used for multilingual projects. 

Kiwa claims that AutoSync Assistant results improved workflows with faster import of script and timeline layout, and more translation options as well as a factor of ten reduction in transcription speed and a factor of five reduction in the script synchronisation process. The company is also working on Blackmagic and AJA compatibility.  

VoiceQ 3.0 has been put forward as a universal, affordable solution for the ever expanding need for dubbing services - hence it's designation as the "Democracy Series". 

"We have experience in digital media markets since 2003, working across the media industry through postproduction, television production, digital publishing to edtech," Kiwa CEO Steven Renata told TV Tech Global. "In that time we have seen a seismic change in the media industry due to mass take-up of technology solutions. What does this mean for the postproduction industry? Well, historically high quality dubbing and ADR could only be achieved at enterprise level. That is changing. The overwhelming demand for authentic, high-quality media provides the industry with new opportunities, and software solutions enable small and large players to meet that challenge. We call this the democratisation of ADR and dubbing - the emergence of a highly efficient industry that responds rapidly to the demand for content that is true to the intent of the original author. This is central to our purpose, language being key to improving communication and understanding between nations and communities."

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A demo of the rythmo band ADR technique on alternate language tracks for Assassin's Creed by Game On Audio: