Samsung to offer Dolby AC-4 televisions in 2017

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Neal Romanek
April 15th 2016 at 12:29PM : By Neal Romanek

Dolby's new format includes support for object-oriented audio

Samsung Electronics will adopt the Dolby AC-4 standard in select television models that are scheduled to begin shipping in 2017.

Dolby AC-4 is designed to operate across multiple distribution platforms. The format also has the ability to carry both channel- and object-based programming. The company claims greatly improved compression efficiency with the format and efficience support for multiple languages and descriptive services. The AC-4 standard includes native support for dialogue enhancement, intelligent loudness and advanced dynamic range control. 

The core elements of Dolby AC-4 have been standardised with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute as TS 103 190 and adopted by DVB in TS 101 154. Dolby plans to work closely with Samsung, broadcasters, and streaming services to advance and drive consumer awareness of the format.

“We are thrilled that an industry leader in television manufacturing will support Dolby AC-4, and believe that Samsung’s commitment demonstrates that this next-gen audio technology is the best solution for the industry.” said Giles Baker, Dolby's SVP, broadcast business group. “Adding Samsung to the growing list of CE manufacturers, SOC providers, and professional partners that support Dolby AC-4 brings Dolby one step closer to offering consumers revolutionary personalized and immersive broadcast audio experiences.”

“With its excellent feature set and ease of implementation, it was logical to include Dolby AC-4 in our products now to ensure our customers have this new technology to support the upcoming ATSC 3.0 standard and other standards world-wide,” said The Samsung Visual Display R&D Team. “The home entertainment landscape is ever-evolving, and we are excited to offer Dolby AC-4 as a next generation audio solution for our customers.”