NHK takes on another Lawo mixing desk

Lawo MC2 36
Neal Romanek
January 25th 2017 at 12:39PM : By Neal Romanek

NHK is the biggest user of Lawo equipment in Japan

Japanese public broadcaster NHK has acquired a Lawo mobile audio kit, comprising a 24-fader Lawo mc²36 with a Lawo Compact I/O unit, and designed to accompany NHK’s video trucks and other mobile video equipment.

Lawo claims that NHK, running two terrestrial and two satellite television services, three radio networks plus NHK’s World Service, is the biggest user of Lawo equipment in Japan with around 20 mc² systems in place – studio and mobile installations using mc²90, mc²66, mc²56 as well as mc²36 audio mixing consoles.

The new mc²36 all-in-one mixing desk is said to cover broadcast, theater, house of worship, live and install applications. It features a 96-DSP-channel micro-core with internal 512x512 port audio matrix and integrated I/O. It is natively equipped with RAVENNA/AES67 technology and integrates into IP infrastructures. The console also has redundant power-supplies and DSP redundancy.

The console’s interfaces include 32 mic/line inputs, 32 line outputs, eight digital AES3 inputs, eight digital AES3 outputs, eight GPIO ports, one MADI (SFP) port, three RAVENNA/AES67 channels, and a headphone jack. In addition to the onboard I/O, a MADI tie-line connection and three RAVENNA/AES67 Audio-over-IP ports provide future-proof connectivity for up to 384 external inputs and outputs, offering a total capacity of 496 physical inputs and outputs.

The mc²36 is able to network with other mc²36/mc²56/mc²66 consoles, and can be operated in combination with Lawo Nova audio routers, giving access to thousands of audio channels. Lawo mc² consoles provide intelligent mechanisms (including user-rights management) to allow input sharing between consoles.