Lawo Remote App upgrade available at iTunes

Lawo Remote App screenshot from iPad
Neal Romanek
June 8th 2016 at 9:05AM : By Neal Romanek

The iOS app upgrade can control mixing consoles remotely

Lawo has released an upgraded version of its Remote App for iOS. The app can be downloaded free from the iTunes App Store.

This version two of the Lawo Remote App allows an iOS device to remotely control many of the functions of Lawo HD-core-based systems - for example, from a theatre stage or around an auditorium, or from any location with a WLAN connection to the Lawo system.

In addition to controlling a mixing console channel’s fader and mutes, and monitoring the corresponding display and labelling, the app allows control of all source- and target-related settings. Users can also load snapshots and pre-configured functions, including selection of monitoring sources, setting of crosspoints, or triggering GPIOs for Red Light or Start/Stop control of external devices.

Technical requirements for using the app: Lawo mc² mixing console or any other HD-Core-based Lawo system running software v5.6.0 or higher which is accessible via a WLAN base station, and an iPad running iOS 8 or higher.

Download the app from here iTunes store here


Lawo Remote App screenshot