China's CCTV records big with Pyramix

G20 by CCTV
Neal Romanek
March 15th 2017 at 1:21PM : By Neal Romanek

The Pyramix object oriented audio has already been used on several big Chinese broadcasts

China's state broadcaster CCTV has purchased Merging's Pyramix 10 with Horus networked audio interfaces for its long duration, high track-count multitrack recordings.

The Pyramix 10 system is a digital audio workstation ideal for object oriented audio. The new Pyramix system was run through its paces last year when CCTV ran a Chinese folk song competition in Beijing. The Pyramix systems recorded 128 tracks over more than 12 hours.

Then last September in Hangzhou, CCTV used the Pyramix system for the opening ceremony of the G20 summit, a shoot which also featured 128 live tracks.

CCTV recording engineer Yuan Xuecheng said: “Pyramix has a clever DSP architecture. It’s hardware, software and file format compatibility is very comprehensive. It has the ability to deliver stable ultra-long recording and playback of over 100 tracks and is able to handle all large and critical events. In addition, Pyramix provides us with an excellent compact audio interface, great clock for synchronisation and has a user friendly monitor control. For that reason, Pyramix was able to successfully perform at the G20 summit, the program was recorded and edited for live television broadcasting.”

CCTV are commissioning a new OB truck that is based on a total IP solution for video and audio. The audio provisions will feature a console from Lawo and a Pyramix MassCore 128 as its main recording system.

Merging’s distributor for China is Merging Asia. Merging Asia president, Weishen Xu said: “We have many prestigious Pyramix users in China, but it is a great honour to have CCTV trusting in our products. They are covering so many important events during the year and we are very pleased to hear these comments from the technicians and to see this new order confirming their faith in the reliability of Pyramix.”