Vinten upgrades Fusion Tripod Fluid Head

Vinten FH-145 S2
Neal Romanek
July 20th 2016 at 12:14PM : By Neal Romanek

The new version of the FH-145 has enhanced drag

Camera support company Vinten, a Vitec Videocom brand, has updated its Fusion Tripod Fluid Head. The Fusion FH-145, the latest in Vinten Automation’s next generation of heads is said to offer nearly twice the available drag at maximum than the original model.

“The FH-145 is our flagship robotic head, and is widely recognised as the class-leading performance for studio automation,” said Vinten product manager Neil Gardner. “This is an incredibly flexible system that can be used as a fully robotic pan-and-tilt head controlled remotely, or can be instantly switched to manual control when a cameraman is preferred during the production. With the increased choice of drag in manual mode, the FH-145 S2 provides the cameraman with finer control over the ‘feel’ of the head’s movement which offers the user all the more flexibility for shot control and creativity.”

Designed to support typical camera and lens packages up to 66 kg/145 lbs, the FH-145 S2 aims to provide broadcasters with a flexible and simple solution.

The performance of the FH-145 S2 head retains the features of the Vinten Robotics brand while adding three distinct steps. Step One offers the identical drag levels offered by the original FH-145 while Steps Two and Three offer additional drag levels.