Vinten's new controller for robots of all sizes

Vintent Micro VRC controller
Neal Romanek
March 22nd 2017 at 9:44AM : By Neal Romanek

Users can purchase software upgrades to incorporate features from Vinten’s HD-VRC high-end control system

In an upgrade to its robotic camera solutions, Vinten is releasing a new affordable controller. Making its debut at CABSAT 2017, the Vinten μVRC (microVRC) controller is aimed at a users working in studios of all sizes

The μVRC controller is optimised for control over Vinten's Vantage compact robotic head as well as third-party PTZs, and allows customers to control multiple camera units. The modular version of Vinten’s high-end HD-VRC software gives users access to various features including camera select, pre-set shots, essential shading, playback, and video switcher integration that connect with third-party switchers.The controller features a touchscreen and USB joystick panel with the customisable function keys. An auto-discovery setting enables aims to simplify setup and connection to robotic devices.

Users can purchase additional licensing modules to expand the controller's software to include any of the features found in Vinten’s HD-VRC high-end control system. Add-ons include third-party PTZ integration, the ability to add support for ICE, functionality for additional Vantage heads, or full compatibility with the Vinten automation interface.

“The amount of content being produced and consumed has increased exponentially, while the cost of production has fallen significantly and broadcast-quality equipment is becoming ever more accessible to smaller studios," said Vinten product manager Neil Gardner. "And as smaller studios continue to emerge, we wanted to pair our innovative Vantage compact robotic head with a flexible, ergonomic control solution for this rising demographic. By pioneering the new μVRC controller, we now have a complete, robust solution that lets any studio leverage high-quality Vinten robotic systems and reap the benefits of perfect control.

“The studio market is rapidly changing and the need to deploy smaller pro-video cameras is on the rise," he added. "By using the μVRC controller in tandem with Vantage, users are given the opportunity to choose which camera and lens would be best for them, while staying within budget. And now with the option to add on functionality according to what you need, this new controller opens up the market to a whole new range of possibilities, especially for broadcast applications such as house of worship, green screen environments and video enterprise."