Video: Making 2017's most daring movie

Lost In London LIVE rooftop with antenna
Neal Romanek
March 17th 2017 at 10:08AM : By Neal Romanek

Lost In London LIVE chased Woody Harrelson through the streets of London and broadcast it live to 500 cinemas

You can be forgiven if you missed the most important movie of the year so far. It was only shown once. And it was both shot and screened simultaneously. 

Woody Harrelson's Lost In London LIVE (read our coverage) was an extraordinary undertaking. Following the actor through a series of midnight escapades in London, the film was transmitted live to 500 cinemas in the USA - and one in the UK. The shoot was a technologically astounding feat, with RF transmitters placed all over London to allow the remote cameras to transmit live footage of the actors on the carefully pre-lit streets of London.

A behind the scenes doc by Broadcast RF gives a glimpse into the skill and outright daring of a cast and crew operating at the cutting edge of live production: