Upping the quality of guest interviews

Upping the quality of guest interviews
James Groves
August 30th 2017 at 6:27PM : By James Groves

Scheduled for release this autumn, Comrex Opal provides quality interviews with simple setup over common web browsers.

With Opal, a remote guest doesn’t install a thing, they just open up a link, click a button, and go live. The system works by activating the Opus encoder built into commonly used browsers.  All a remote guest needs to transmit audio is a browser and a microphone, said Comrex.

Opal provides near-studio quality audio by leveraging equipment guests are already familiar with (ie smartphones and laptops). Perfect for coordinating call-ins with guests who have no technical experience, the company said Opal makes it possible to do long interview segments in HD voice quality, without requiring guests to install apps or fiddle with settings.

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