Taiwan broadcaster set for UHD Universiade coverage

Taipei Universiade
Neal Romanek
August 11th 2017 at 1:09PM : By Neal Romanek

Harmonic will provide a contribution and distribution solution

Taiwan broadcaster Chinese Television System (CTS) will deliver HD and UHD coverage of the Summer Universiade games next week.

Harmonic will be providing CTS a complete video contribution and distribution (C&D) solution for transmitting live HD video content - and HEVC-encoded UHD during the opening and closing ceremonies - from sports stadiums and facilities in Taipei back to its international broadcast center for IP network distribution to TV stations, with ultra-low latency transmission.

CTS is using a complete C&D workflow solution from Harmonic that includes ViBE CP3000 contribution encoders, ViBE CP6000 contribution platforms, ViBE 4K UHD encoders, and ProView integrated receiver-decoders (IRDs). Harmonic's solution supports HEVC UHD and AVC HD 4:2:2 10-bit compression and decompression.

"The Universiade is one of the highest-profile international sporting events. Given the extensiveness of the event, in terms of number of competitions and participating countries, it is imperative that we have a reliable solution for delivering high-quality live video coverage," said Joe Lee, deputy manager at CTS. "Harmonic's solutions support our entire workflow - from content reception and decoding to encoding and delivery over IP networks - ensuring pristine video quality and no delay."

The 29th Summer Universiade runs from 19-30 August, in Taipei, Taiwan. The Universiade is organised by the International University Sports Federation (FISU) as a worldwide multi-sports event for university athletes.