Streaming on the road with Destino Santiago

Aviwest and Destino Santiago
Neal Romanek
June 6th 2017 at 2:43PM : By Neal Romanek

Aviwest supplied video uplink gear for the live Spanish reality show

Spanish production company Star Planning is using Aviwest's Pro180-RA video uplink system, Quad wideband external cellular antenna arrays, and StreamHub transceivers to deliver the live broadcast transmissions of public broadcaster TV Galicia’s reality show Destino Santiago.

Destino Santiago is streamed live and follows in real time the pilgrimage of two artists on the Camiño de Santiago route from Roncevaux (Navarre) to Santiago de Compostella (Galicia) over the course of 40 days, with 300 hours of live broadcasting. The Aviwest equipment enabled TV Galicia to transmit live HD video over 3G/4G cellular wireless networks throughout the entire trek.

One of the capabilities of the Avidest Pro180-RA system is its automatic detection of real-time network conditions through Aviwest’s SafeStream technology. By leveraging QUAD antennas plugged into Aviwest PRO transmitters, the remote production team was able to strengthen the signal transmission, even in secluded locations.

Viewers can also chat live with both artists via a dedicated website and social media channels.

"The main technical challenge was maintaining a high-quality, reliable, real-time video transmission during hundreds of hours of live broadcasting," said Emilio J. Fernandez, production manager of Star Planning.

"We deployed Aviwest’s system because of its efficiency and stability. This powerful solution enables us to achieve our objectives by broadcasting video content to traditional TV channels and on social media networks," added Miguel Cacharrón, director at Star Planning.

"Offering 300 hours of real-time programming, Star Production and TV Galicia are setting a new benchmark for live streaming," said David Jaouen, sales director at Aviwest. "This project wouldn't have been successful without our Spanish partner, NRDmultimedia, which provides local customer support and services."