Soliton delivers H.265 encoder for mobile video streaming

Soliton Zao-S
Neal Romanek
January 31st 2017 at 11:20AM : By Neal Romanek

The new mobile encoder will be available at BVE

Soliton Systems will be delivering the new Zao-S starting at the BVE show in London.

Soliton specialise in systems for live mobile video streaming from the camera. The new Zao-S, about the size of an iPhone, aims to allow mobile encoders providing live streaming on-location using H.265 encoding over the 3G or 4G mobile phone network.

H.265 encoding, also known as HEVC, provides more efficient compression than H.264. Latency is also typically lower. 

“The Zao-S has been in the design stage for some time – overcoming the technical challenges of fitting so much processing power into such a small unit has been monumental” said Mark Andrews, head of broadcast at Soliton Europe. “This is a unit that can be carried on a person’s belt - at 400 grammes, it is the lightest H.265 mobile encoder on the market. At BVE in London we will be showing the Zao-S. And given the cost sensitive nature of the TV production industry, we believe the small price for the small model will be well received!”