SkyTechno crane takes flight at NAB

SkyTechno crane
Neal Romanek
April 21st 2017 at 4:19PM : By Neal Romanek

SkyTechno was developed by Gearhouse Broadcast and is a fully telescoping 360 degree crane

Gearhouse Broadcast, Telescopic, and Big Shot Camera Cranes are unveiling SkyTechno, a new, programmable crane optimised for AR. Gearhouse is aiming the product at an ambitious variety of applications, including live events, concerts, TV shows, film and commercials, stage productions, and sports.

The SkyTechno telescopes up to 24 feet, can perform multiple 360-degree moves at the head and fulcrum, and inclines to 45 degrees while simultaneously tracking. It employs proprietary encoding technology to allow 3D graphics to be inserted into the live camera feed and to allow programmable and repeatable movements. SkyTechno supports all industry standard TV and film cameras.

SkyTechno was developed by Gearhouse Broadcast in collaboration with operators, motion control experts, engineers and designers with experience in image capture for its many applications.

At NAB, Gearhouse will show the SkyTechno crane in a live-footage demo powered and processed by Columbus, the company's new 4K/UHD mobile unit. The SkyTechno demo will be supported by a custom stage supplied by Production Resource Group (PRG), who will also provide a high-resolution, automated LED video wall coupled with their GroundControl Follow Spot lighting technology. Girraphic will provide augmented reality support to extend SkyTechno’s capabilities to include virtual assets, seen from every axis possible.

John Newton, CEO and founder of Gearhouse, was inspired, along with development partners, to develop SkyTechno during the production of a major television project, when there were missed opportunities for shots. After two years of research and development in close collaboration with Brian Williams, the developer of the TechnoJib, and Brian Gaetke of Big Shot Camera Cranes, SkyTechno is now available in North America. Gearhouse plans to roll out the SkyTechno globally.

“SkyTechno offers unimpeded camera shots from every angle eliminating the need for floor-based track and equipment, that can be repeated exactly, over and over again,” said Brian Gaetke. “Now the world of creative possibilities is truly endless and ready for the future of AR and VR.”

“SkyTechno does exponentially more than other cranes, while providing all of the standard features of a high-end rig," said Marc Genin, MD of Gearhouse Broadcast USA. "With its three-axes movement and balance, operators can capture every possible angle up, down, around, over and under; literally from the floor to the ceiling, and from wall to wall with impeccably smooth movement. Shots that were previously choreographed to avoid background spoilers, such as equipment in shot or other problems that needed to be cleaned up in post, can now be managed with SkyTechno as a seamless, clean, fluid experience.”