On-bike cameras for AUS-X Open

AUS-X Open
Neal Romanek
December 8th 2016 at 10:27AM : By Neal Romanek

Gearhouse Broadcast supplied its HD9 supertruck

Gearhouse Broadcast has provided on-bike cameras for the recent AUS-X Open, supercross event. 

In total Gearhouse provided their HD9 supertruck as the main OB truck along with a separate production room and gallery for the dedicated big screen operation. The OB consisted of ten OB cameras, two RF cameras, an extreme slow motion camera to capture the incredible aerial action and two specialty cameras. The production company for the event was Ignition Productions. 



“This was a full turnkey production," said producer/director Nathan Prendergast. "It went to air live for three hours each day into FOX sports Australia, FOX Asia, SKY New Zealand and a live stream on MTOD into the USA. There were also two hour highlights packages produced for 7Mate in Australia and two one hour shows for CBS in the USA.”

AUS-X Open showcases the best in international and national supercross racing along with a freestyle motorcross competition which includes daredevil flips and world first tricks.

According to Prendergast this high-octane excitement poses challenges for the production as he explained, “There is a lot of action to cover. Add in the high production levels of pyrotechnics, big screen content and a live DJ and we really had to cover all the angles. That’s why we chose Gearhouse to implement this huge event. In short it’s down to the quality of their equipment, their ability to deliver all services on time and budget and their experience with motorsport. Gearhouse made this experience an extremely enjoyable one with high levels of professionalism and organisation across all facets of planning and implementation.”


Then there was what Prendergast refers to as the “icing on the cake” as he concluded, “Along with all their other kit Gearhouse through their partnership with BSi provided live onboard, on-bike cameras in what was an amazing Australian first and what could well be a world first for supercross bikes in competition. As a result we were able to get incredible live images from a supercross bike whilst it was racing inside the venue including through the tunnel. We also successfully managed to beam live pictures from a freestyle motorcycle as it was performing tricks including a backflip. When you see the pictures they simply blow you away. This combined with Gearhouse’s experience and professionalism enabled me to implement my vision to perfection.”

Picture credits:
The 2016 AUS-X Open produced by Ignition Productions with broadcast facilities provided by Gearhouse Broadcast Australia