Object Matrix and BT partner in new media industry cloud service

Neal Romanek
March 18th 2016 at 3:30PM : By Neal Romanek

BT's new storage and data transfer hub for the media industry will be supported buy Object Matrix Matrix Store

Object Matrix will supply the new BT Media Storage service, which will launch at NAB 2016 next month. BT Media & Broadcast and Object Matrix will offer an integrated storage service tailored to the media industry and targeted initially at nearline, library, +1 copies and disaster recovery workflows.

BT Media IP Nexus is a high speed data service for digital workflow solutions for the media and broadcast industry and can reach most UK and international centres. BT Media IP Nexus has been designed to help the creative industry link together across the stages of production, allowing easier sharing of video edits, visual effects, colour corrections, and audio.

The service offering will also extend to third party applications like ingest, QC, transcode, and MAM to provide an ecosystem services. The service will initially provide services comparable to other cloud providers in terms of data protection and price per gigabyte but will offer greater support and integration of workflows. 

The service will also include private and hybrid cloud configurations, access to content on demand with no access fee or penalties for retrieving your data, choice of connectivity options, including Internet, Nexus community fibre network or a VLAN over the Global Media Network.  The new offering will feature applications support to retrieve and search for content should local outages occur and a community of third party integrations.

Mark Wilson Dunn, VP of BT Media & Broadcast, said: “This proposition is very timely as more and more of our customers look to move infrastructure from their premises into the cloud. We are excited to be working with Object Matrix who are true experts when it comes to storage. The combination of their media-specific storage and our media-specific connectivity options will be a powerful one.”

“BT has been an Object Matrix customer since 2010 with almost 2 petabytes of object storage deployed as a private cloud over 3 sites. Having proven the private cloud storage model with BT, and many other globally recognised organisations, it is a natural step for Object Matrix to offer that service to the wider community” stated Nick Pearce, co-founder and sales director at Object Matrix. “Working with BT in the UK to jointly bring this service to market is an exciting opportunity that shows that cloud storage is not only about the race to the bottom on price” he added.