New VR OB truck on show at NAB

Neal Romanek
April 25th 2017 at 12:51PM : By Neal Romanek

The new 53in OB truck will handle simultaneous 4K and 360° productions

A new hybrid VR OB truck by ImmersedLIVE will produce simultaneous live and 360 degree productions.

The 53ft ImmersedLIVE truck is a single unit with dual production bays designed to produce programming in 4K and VR. ImmersedLIVE says the truck will deliver cost and production efficiencies for live events. ImmersedLIVE works in tandem with a crew experienced in 4K and 360° production and workflows. 

ImmersedLIVE was formed as a collaboration of top creative and engineering talent working in VR production including FlightLine Films, Big Vision Productions, Radiant Images, Subtractive, SkyRae, and SuperSphere. 

“Each of the individuals that came together to form ImmersedLIVE are among the pioneers of the rapidly emerging 360° video production space," said Lucas Wilson, founder of SuperSphere and ImmersedLIVE. "We have included the top experts in camera technology from Radiant Images; leaders in immersive audio from Subtractive; the best in crew and broadcast integration from Big Vision Productions; innovation in 4K streaming and truck design from FlightLine Films, high-end technology and production integration from Skyrae, and my team from SuperSphere who have produced VR shows for Discovery, Sony, Disney, and Fox, to name a few."