New triggerless, serverless ultra-high speed camera from I-Movix

I-Movix Infinite
Neal Romanek
March 15th 2016 at 9:49AM : By Neal Romanek

The camera system is based on I-Movix and Phantom Flex4K technology

I-Movix has launched a new ultra-slow motion camera system, called Infinite. The company claims the system is the first to provide continuous on-board loop recording of more than one hour of high frame rate in HD and frame-accurate ramping of speed without compensation or interpolation. 

Infinite is based on Vision Research's Phantom Flex4K camera and the I-Movix X10 platform. The triggerless camera system can be operated in a range of modes, either in standalone mode without a server, or in conjunction with a server, where it requires only a single channel. 

Infinite can also be used for remote/IP operation, and in wireless configuration. I-Movix says that the camera's remote production capability has potential applications in sports refereeing, allowing ultra-slow motion adjudication of several sport events at the same time by a single referree in a single location.

Infinite will show at NAB 2016 and is available for immediate delivery. 

“Scalability and adaptability are the key benefits with Infinite,” said Laurent Renard, I-Movix CEO. “The ability to operate without a server is a breakthrough with far-reaching consequences for production, and the combination of all the features means that Infinite is far more adaptable to any production workflow than previous ultra motion solutions.”