New NEP trucks will include Imagine IP routers

Imagine Communications Platinum IP3 router
Neal Romanek
April 19th 2016 at 12:09PM : By Neal Romanek

Five NEP Visions trucks were lost in a fire last November at the company's UK headquarters. The new trucks will be optimised for 4K and IP production

Imagine Communications wil provide the core infrastructure for four new outside broadcast trucks being built for NEP UK. The new trucks will be capable of HD, 1080p HD and 4K/UHD production, allowing them to switch between HD and UHD resolutions as assignments require. NEP Vision's UK headquarters was struck by a fire last November, which resulted in the loss of five OB trucks.

The new NEP trucks will include Imagine's Platinum IP3 router. The Platinum IP3 integrates signal distribution, audio multiplexing and de-multiplexing, flexible multiviewing and test and measurement, along with routing, in a compact space. The IP3 can simply recall previously stored system configurations.

The Platinum IP3 also aims to aid NEP’s transition to IP, as it is designed to work in a hybrid SDI-IP environment, with transparent operations across the two signal fabrics.

Also included in the build for the four new trucks are Imagine Selenio MCP units, fortified with HD-UHD up- and down-conversion capabilities; and Selenio 6800+, Selenio X100 and Selenio X50 modular units for signal processing, monitoring and distribution. 

“We provide remote production facilities for some of the most watched broadcasts, and particularly the top sports,” said Rob Newton, director of engineering and technology for NEP in the UK. “Our success as a business depends on high utilisation of our assets, which in turn means they have to be extremely flexible. Imagine Communications gives us that flexibility, with the capability to instantly switch formats without worrying about synchronisation and routing issues, and without adding latency that would be a nightmare in live production.

“NEP has been a leader in the delivery of native 4K broadcasts worldwide," he added. “We’ve supported our clients with it since the beginning, and we are confident that we will see its implementation continue to grow globally with Imagine Communications as our technology partner.”

Mathias Eckert, Imagine Communications VP Europe, Middle East and Africa, said, “At the top end of broadcast, technology is moving incredibly quickly. We have the IP revolution and UHD/4K bringing High Dynamic Range video and more. Because we have been developing our solutions over many years we can deliver extremely mature and proven solutions, which means we can work with leaders like NEP as the go-to company for mobile production across any format and any technology. These new trucks are set to be the industry leaders for some time to come, and it is great to know that Imagine technology is at the heart of them.”