New high frame rate camera for live broadcast

Bexel Clarity 800 camera
Neal Romanek
March 2nd 2017 at 6:42PM : By Neal Romanek

Bexel enters the POV camera market with a compact HFR camera for live productions

Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions has launched a new miniature, high frame rate POV camer, the Bexel Clarity 800. The camera, designed for live production, is aimed particularly at sports and events producers seeking high quality HFR video.

The Clarity 800-HD offers high frame rate recording up to 480fps (8x) in HD up to 8x. A 4K model, the Clarity 800-4K is on the way, which can record 4K/UHD at 120fps (2x).  The camera is small -  4.7in high, 2.56in wide, and 1in thick and uses a 4K 7mp Micro 4/3-inch CMOS imager and 1080p HD signal processing.

The Clarity 800 is designed to integrate into a live event broadcast ecosystem, with real-time processing via fibre optics and integration with standard video servers. Key features include a camera remote control panel (RCP) for paint control of the camera and a positive-lock lens mount with lens control of focus, iris, and zoom motors.

The camera is Bexel's first camera model to target the POV market. Future variations, for both HD and 4K, (UHD), using the same system design, will be introduced later in 2017. The Clarity 800 camera will be available to rent through Bexel and Camera Corps. 

“Our own experiences supporting customers’ demanding production requirements — from the court to the ice — revealed there was a strong market demand for a high-speed camera with real-time processing,” said Edd Bonner, Bexel's VP of engineering and operations. “We also identified growing demand for HFR and a complete gap in the market for a POV camera with real-time processing optimised for live sports. The Clarity 800 will be a real game-changer for our industry, allowing for HFR to be easily used in any application.”

“A robust and affordable camera of this size and with these features is highly desirable in the environments in which we operate,” said Tom Dickinson, chief technology officer at Bexel. “HFR for HD video will continue to expand, and broadcasters need to be ahead of viewer demand for the latest formats. As a longtime and successful provider to the broadcast industry, Bexel understands what it takes to produce the highest-possible picture and sound quality. This ingenuity is the driver behind the Clarity 800.”