NEP UK rolls out four new UHD OB trucks

NEP UK's Pacific UHD OB vehicle, with Steve Jenkins
Neal Romanek
July 1st 2016 at 2:26PM : By Neal Romanek

The new trucks will replace trucks NEP UK lost in the devastating fire at its headquarters last year

NEP UK has added four new UHD trucks to its outside broadcast fleet. The trucks have been designed and built from scratch, less than a year after the devastating fire that destroyed five of NEP’s OB units. The new trucks are equipped with the latest production equipment from Imagine, SAM, Telex, Calrec and other leading manufacturers. 


NEP UK's Pacific OB truck at Wimbledon
The four trucks, named Pacific, Aurora, Caspian and Sargasso, can work can work alone or in combination and are interconnect with each other via a CWDM fibre system. The configuration allows for 200 shared 3GB signals to be sent between the trucks. Equipped with UHD and HDR capabilities, the trucks are built around Imagine IP3 Routers with hybrid IP/Base band router infrastructure and design. The routing infrastructure is the largest in NEP’s worldwide fleet.
NEP UK recently purchased 66 Sony HDC-4300 4K system cameras, 52 Canon UHD lenses and 20 EVS units, and each truck is able to accommodate up to 30 cameras and 12 EVS units. The trucks are also equipped with a Calrec Apollo sound desk and a SAM Kahuna 9600 6ME 1080P/4K switcher.
The first of the fleet to be put into action is Pacific, which has already been deployed at a number of events and is currently stationed at Wimbledon. The truck is a full double expander unit, doubling in size when opened, creating 1000 square feet of floor space.

NEP UK's Pacific OB truck at Wimbledon
Steve Jenkins (pictured top), president of NEP UK and Ireland, said “The creation of four new state-of-the-art UHD trucks equipped with the latest technologies in under a year is a real testament to the NEP team’s hard work, dedication and skills. The launch of Pacific marks a new chapter for NEP UK, and we look forward to getting the other trucks on the road before the end of the year.”
Aurora is expected to be complete by the end of July with Caspian and Sargasso making their debuts by the end of October.