Manufacturer Musings: Neil Roberts, Forscene

Forscene's Neil Roberts
Neal Romanek
September 11th 2016 at 9:22AM : By Neal Romanek


Name: Neil Roberts

Job title: Product Specialist

Company: Forscene

Number of IBCs you’ve attended? 12

What will be the big technology trends at this year’s IBC?

Remote workflows, IP-based workflows and user generated content

What’s will your company be highlighting at IBC?

Remote workflows, IP based workflows and user generated content :-)

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the TV industry right now?

The number of potential outlets mean the slices of the pie are getting ever smaller, pushing budgets down ever further.

Given that the RAI is two meters below sea level, what is your business doing to address climate change?

Allowing the use of low cost, low powered hardware to view and edit content means a reduction of the carbon footprint of your production.

What are your top tips for trade show survival?

Wear your most comfortable shoes, drink plenty of water, use the trams not the taxi’s and try to be in bed before 3am :-)

Your favourite place(s) in Amsterdam to unwind and why?

The Memories of India restaurant just behind the Art Deco Tsuchinski Cinema is probably the best Indian restaurant in Amsterdam, the Dutch do Indonesian well but not Indian so much.

Even though most Dutch people speak very good English it’s useful to know a few Dutch phrases:

Alsjeblieft (als-you-bleeft) - “Please” but also “You’re welcome”
Dankuwel (dan-queue-vel) - “Thank you very much”
Tot Ziens! (Tot-zeens) - “See you later!”

The dutch “G” is pronounced like a cross between K and H, you’ll hear it all the time, so all these words start with that “KH”

Goedemorgen (khoo-der-mor-khen) - “Good morning”
Goedemiddag (khoo-der-mi-daag) - “Good afternoon”
Goedenavond (khoo-den-aa-fond) - “Good evening”
Ja, Graag (Ya, Khraag) - “Yes, I’d love to”
Mijn luchtkussenboot zit vol paling (Mine looked koossen boat sit fol parling) - “My Hovercraft is full of Eels” :-)