Lytro announces 755MP light field cinema camera

Lytro Cinema camera
Neal Romanek
April 12th 2016 at 10:38AM : By Neal Romanek

The new camera system from Lytro captures an extraordinary amount of 3D data and aims to irrevocably change cinematography

Lytro, developers of lightfield and VR camera technology, has announced a new light field camera, Lytro Cinema.

The Lytro Cinema camera featuresx a 755 RAW MP sensor which can capture images at up to 300 fps with 16 stops of dynamic range. The company calls it "The highest resolution video sensor ever designed".

Light field photography captures the directional and intensity information of light rays, enabling easier manipulation of the image in post production. The camera produces a Light Field master with a dataset allows multiple render options – including IMAX, RealD, Dolby Vision, ACES and variable high frame rates.

Light field technology offers the hope of being able to virtualise camera decisions, allowing for endless flexibility in manipulating the image, including the changing of point of view, blocking, lighting, frame rate and focus, as well as merging the onset material with effects or virtual elements. Lytro has described light field technology "as if there is a green screen for every object in the scene."

The Lytro Cinema platform will come with a data management system that operates via on site hardware or in the cloud. The camera will be available to rent toward the end of 2016 with prices starting at $125,000.

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