Live stream to YouTube with Telestream's iPhone app

Wirecast Go iPhone screen
Neal Romanek
January 13th 2016 at 2:10PM : By Neal Romanek

App allows streaming to any YouTube or RTMP server and allows custom branding

A mobile app from Telestream converts any iPhone into a live broadcast studio. Wirecast Go, which builds on Telestreams' experience in streaming with its Wirecast product, is suited to both professional and amateure iPhone users who want to broadcast breaking news and live events.

Wirecast Go offers live video streaming to multiple destinations, along with the ability to brand streams, add a range of graphics, and edit shots. Streams can be sent directly to YouTube or other RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) servers live. 

Wirecast Go is available in two versions. The standard version is free and enables unlimited live streaming to YouTube from an iPhone. It allows insertion of images, logos and graphics from a user's photo library; social chat and sharing; and the ability to save two shots in a shot list. The app's premium features can be unlocked for $5.99, which include live streaming to any RTMP destination, as well as private or unlisted broadcasts on YouTube. Users can also switch between unlimited numbers of shots, and capture and replay highlights from the live production with a few taps on the iPhone.

“Wirecast Go offers a level of professional production that other consumer mobile streaming apps don’t offer,” said Barbara DeHart, Telestream's VP of desktop business. “With the hunger for instant knowledge ever increasing, Wirecast Go fills a huge need for those who want to deliver professional live streams to the world from their iPhone.”

Launched last autumn, the app is now available via the Apple App Store.