How TIMA Film gave The BRITS to the world

BRITS Awards 2016
Neal Romanek
March 1st 2016 at 10:52AM : By Neal Romanek

The new production arm of TIMA shot highlights of last week's BRIT Awards, sending out six video packages throughout the show and a highlights package afterward

TIMA Film, launched in January, is the new production wing of international content and service provider TIMA (The International Media Associates). The company's most recent project was the production and distribution of highlights from this year's BRIT Awards. The company's debut was a ten-part series for CNBC called Sustainable Energy presented by James Wright.

TIMA Film was granted "all access" to cover the BRIT Awards red carpet arrivals, the winners press conference and backstage interviews at London's O2. The company then distributed video packages of the event to global broadcasters, news organisations and online publishers. Alongside UK broadcasters ITV, BBC Radio 1, The Bauer Network, Capital FM, and Somethin' Else (BRITs digital), the BRIT Awards were broadcast by 20 international channels, covering over 100 territories.

"Our team was split into two: 3 camera operators, presenter, 5 members of the production team and an editor on-site at the O2, plus an editor and producer back at the TIMA Film office," says Daniele Rispoli, media project manager, TIMA Film. "Camera wise, we filmed in full HD on C100’s, PMW500 and an EX3 with full sound kit.

Six video packages were sent out altogether throughout the night, plus a highlights package after the show had concluded.
"Turnaround for these was incredibly fast," she continues, "Some of the packages had to be cut and exported within 15 minutes in order to meet the scheduled delivery times. Our field editor narrowed down the material with a rough cut, this was then sent over to our in-house edit back at the Time Film office. Once completed, the packages were sent to the BT tower local ends, Eutelsat and links was also sent in MP4 and MXF files upon prior agreement."